Using cloud-based technology to ensure business continuity in bad weather

With bad weather affecting so many businesses at this time of year, cloud-based technologyperhaps it’s time to look at how cloud-based technology could help you to maintain productivity, even when employees can’t get to the office.

It’s thought that only 15-30% of businesses have access to cloud-based computing, yet the impact of unplanned staff absence can be severe. That’s why we emphasise to all our clients the importance of planning ahead so that business continuity can be maintained, whatever the weather throws at us.

Cloud-based technology is central to business continuity planning simply because it enables information to be accessed, updated and shared anywhere in the world, at any time. So, if staff get snowed in at home, or it’s too icy for them to make the journey into work, your business doesn’t have to suffer.

In this article we look at Office 365 and VOIP phone, just two of the cloud-based technology solutions which make it possible for staff to work effectively from almost anywhere.

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