The Twelve Days of Christmas With a Twist!!

Come and discover how the art of drumming and percussion can motivate, inspire and connect people with Steve Rivers from Unbeatable Energy Ltd.

Unbeatable Energy Ltd is a motivational music company which specialises in inspiring people in businesses and organisations through rhythm.

Exciting and energising sessions are created as participants are invited to become part of a drum and percussion ensemble, creating a group sound that becomes electrifying!

During this exciting and interactive session you will be inspired as to how drum and percussion can motivate through generating a ‘feel good factor’ in everybody – what better way to celebrate group success?!!

Steve is likely to be one of the most vibrant, flamboyant, dynamic and inspirational people you will ever meet and never forget!

Steve has spent a considerable amount of time visiting West African countries including Gambia, Guinea and Senegal researching drumming history, culture and learning new rhythms, beats and dances that he brings to bear in his workshops.

Everywhere he goes he gets rave reviews about how he unlocks the creative drive in people. He brings to the fore how groups interact with each other and how they, if they are willing, can go much further that they allow themselves to do.

“I’ve been on a number of Steve’s workshops. Absolutely tremendous with phenomenal energy. I was pretty sceptical the first time, but it’s such a great team-building exercise. Everyone is laughing and energised after a session so it’s a terrific way to wake everyone up at the start of a event. “

Director, Alistair Macdonald from AMTV

The 3 ‘E’s’ of great communication:

He creates all 3 with his work resulting in people wanting to work better together and create that team spirit his environment engenders. Oh, and as an added bonus, he’s really is one of the ‘good guys’!

Director Will Kintish of Kintish.

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