The Art & Science of Effective Presentations

Brief Synopsis 

We often confuse perception with reality. The way our communications look (design) can have a significant influence, especially during a first interaction. Understand how to make your presentations work exceptionally hard for you to communicate effectively with your audience.

What will you learn?

The science of how your audience process and remember information during a presentation, hence how to make them more effective.

Don’t think pretty visuals, think effective communications.  

About the Presenter 

Specialising in presentational impact, Richard works with leaders and stakeholders to help them optimise their content, messaging and personal brand. For over a decade, Richard was a partner for one of the world’s leading presentation development and coaching companies. Prior to founding Ultimate Presentation, Film & Animation, he was a board member for the UKs largest privately owned temporary recruitment company and a member of the Senior Leadership team, with overall commercial responsibility for new and existing clients, as well as the marketing strategy and execution.

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