The 4th Industrial revolution – are you ready? Are your Children ready?

This months seminar lead by Andy McGregor and Alun Jones of Face For Business is a deep dive into the Future of Work – come and learn and apply your understanding of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In this debate and future thinking lead seminar you will have your eyes opened to the future of work for you, your Business, and the younger generation – so if you have children this could also be for you!

Topics include:

  • What to consider? Facts about the changing world of business
  • Real life examples of the way companies and technology are developing in 2018
  • The winners and losers of the future world – What jobs are likely to be safe and what jobs are one step from the cliff edge
  • How could your role, company, supply chain or customers be affected
  • How to develop a structured approach to transitioning to the future of work


So come along and Join us on 17th May at The Chester Grosvenor and take that first step to future proof your Business.