Thomas International – magic psychometric assessment !

A few months ago, I asked Elaine Cleland of Thomas International if she would wave her magic psychometric assessment wand over my very bright but wifty-wafty 16 year-old son.  Elaine spent a couple of hours just chatting with him and left him to do an online psychometric test.  In the follow-up meeting, Elaine helped Calum to see where his strengths( and weaknesses) lie and what careers are likely to play to his strengths.  She also, very quickly, sussed out how Calum likes to be motivated and helped him to formulate a plan for the next few steps in his progression through school and onwards, playing to these requirements.  Elaine’s approach with Calum was great, neatly treading the line between guiding him through the whole process and setting his teenage hackles up faced with another adult advising what is best for him – very impressive!

Helen Rae

Director, Helen Rae Photography

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