Not just any copywriter will do !!!

At last, my long awaited shiny new website is live.   I have always, as a kind-of wordsmith in a previous life myself, written the copy for my websites.  But it’s not easy to write copy for your own business, so I knew I needed a copywriter this time round. But not just any copywriter would do.

My main target market is parents, particularly women,  with children living in Cheshire.  I needed words which worked on both a practical and emotional level to sit alongside my imagery and to reflect what I’m about.  The style brief was simply that  ‘I hate emotionally gushing photography websites’ .

Claire Parker of Goodword PR, after just one meeting full of questions plus several phone calls back and to, nailed it.  She managed to say exactly what I wanted in a beautifully flowing kind of way, (without the gushiness!), but with a warmth and simplicity that I love.  Thank you so much to Claire – I have been recommending her as a copywriter to everyone I can.  She also writes a mean press release too!

Helen Rae

Creative Director, Helen Rae Photography

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