Coffee + Collaboration = Success !

This testimonial is not for one individual business within the Chester Business Network group but a collaboration of organisations that joined together in order to deliver a successful project on behalf of a fellow member of the networking group. Edge Transport kindly appointed Caulmert Ltd to carry out a feasibility study into the expansion of their existing site and facilities in Wrexham. Having received the enquiry over a coffee at the end of a Chester Networking event, Caulmert subsequently appointed D2 Architects and Powers and Tiltman (also fellow members of the group) to provide architectural design and surveying support. Having been set a tight deadline, I’m pleased to confirm that all parties (including our client, Edge Transport) worked in a very efficient and professional manner to deliver the project within the timescales laid out at the beginning of the project. 

Caulmert would like to thank Edge Transport for appointing us along with D2 Architects and Powers an Tiltman for their valuable support. The project was a pleasure to work on and to be able to work with a group of professionals who were all pulling in the same direction meant the end goal was both enjoyable and successful.  A true example of how the Chester Business Networking group can bring together like minded people to build a friendly, reliable and quality team in order to help others within the group…..and all as a result of chat over a coffee!

Allan Smith

Director of Engineering, Caulmert Ltd

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