Membership Benefits

Monthly Meetings with Decision Makers
The Business Network restricts attendees at lunches to a senior level in order to influence the amount of decisions actually made over the lunch period. Attendees can influence the buying & selling process of their organizations and are encouraged to “buy & sell within The Network” wherever possible.

Proactive hosts brokering the introductions you would like to make.

We love networking! Our aim is to facilitate the right connections for you so you can grow your business. So if there is a door that you need opening, set us the challenge and by tapping into our extensive national network we will find a way to craft introductions for you.

Free Use of this Members Blog where you can access great information from members, and post information to help promote your Business.

Introductions to New Businesses
There are always new companies in attendance at the monthly lunches, giving you an opportunity to promote your business to a regular stream of new potential clients.

Increase Sales and Buy More Effectively
Using our format to develop business relationships with other local companies provides access to a ‘referral network’, where fellow members are only too happy to mention your organization to other companies they know; and naturally you will do the same for them.

Free Educational Seminars
There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within The Membership that is freely available to you. Try and ensure that you attend the Free Pre-Lunch Seminars offered by fellow Members on a wide variety of topics, and if you wish to increase the profile of your company further why not offer to host a seminar yourself?

Free Speaker slots – where else can you speak to over 70 companies at an event to get your message across?

Free Listing on the Internet
With a listing on the national Business Network website, , we also have a dedicated Business Network Chester member’s website at you can book for events online.

Free Stand at the Events
Take a free Stand at the monthly lunches and give both members and visitors an even greater insight into what your company can provide.

Improvement of your Networking Skills
The art of “networking” is not always a natural and comfortable process for business people. Aware of this, The Business Network offers members relevant skills training to ensure that maximum benefit is gained from the monthly sessions. This Skills Training will also be of benefit in other areas of your business and is delivered by a team of professional coaches.

Special Corporate Events and Product Launches
Within the format of the monthly events, The Business Network provides an excellent opportunity to cost effectively entertain corporate clients. Inviting a guest or taking a Corporate Table is a great way for your customers/suppliers to get to know you and your company, and for you to get to know them. And if you are launching a new product or service, The Business Network event provides an effective environment to “inform”.

Special Member only events

A chance to really get to know the membership in an exclusive and productive environment.

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