Masterchef meets Teambuilding – Christmas fun with Successfactory

Kate Lightfoot of   Successfactory

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The Great Christmas Bake Off! with our celebrity chef Brian Mellor

Here are a trio of exciting activities to add a   Christmas sparkle to your meeting at Successfactory…

Chocolate Extravaganza   !

Get creative this Christmas making your own festive box of chocolates.   You will learn to pipe, mould, dip, coat and fill your chocolates. Then   create and decorate your special box to take your chocolates home, whilst   having plenty of festive fun.

4-10   people – £56.00 per person

11-20 People – £48.00 per person


Masterchef session in   Brian’s cookery school

Learn how to cook a traditional Christmas Lunch   and then sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Pan fried escalope of Cheshire Turkey / Hand   rolled stuffing ball /

Crispy bacon shard / Aromatic stir fried sprouts   /Carrot Spaghetti

and… Sugar Crusted Mincemeat Plait with Chantilly   Cream

4-10 People – £75.00 per person

11-20 People – £68.00 per person


Chester Christmas Bake-Off

Learn how to bake fantastic Christmas treats to   take home.

You will learn to cream, blend, roll knead,   prove, mould,

fill, cut and pipe Christmas Tree biscuits, make   winter spiced Chester buns and Viennese topped mince pies.

4-10 people -£56.00 per person

11-20 People – £48.00 per person

Venue charges additional

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