The 10,000 Small Businesses Programme – it’s free !

Martin Nolan of Morgan James Consulting

01606   74668

Reminder of Programme called 10,000 small businesses. Its put together by Oxford University Business School & Manchester Met University School of Business & Law and funded by Goldman Sachs. Designed to provide   entrepreneurial learning for the leaders of established small businesses and   social enterprises – aimed at organisations with between 5 and 40 employees.   Programme runs on a fortnightly basis for roughly 6 month period and as well  as the business school input it includes 121 business support from programme  tutors such as myself. Competitive to get accepted but once you’re on its  completely free – all funded by Goldman Sachs. We’re running our third cohort  in north west right now and looking for applications for cohort 4 – so please   come and take a brochure and find out all about it, it’s a great opportunity   to really grow.

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