Mays Meeting looking to be a great one again!

So much to learn! So much to share! So much to think about! So many great people to meet!

What – not yet booked? We wrap up the fine tuning of our table planning shortly so to make sure you get the pick of the bunch at your table books today!

Face for Business are  fast tracking us to look to the future with their thought provoking, future proofing, mind scrambling seminar that will guide us all through how we stay ahead of the rapid pace of change in the Business landscape.

Then the perfect mix of open networking, along with our strategic finely tuned table planning – to ensure our members and guests meet the people they can help, they can learn from and they can – maybe one day – do Business with.

Yes – one day – we are about getting to “Know like trust” – so no fast or hard sell here!

Go on – what have you been waiting for – book quickly for this Thursdays event – otherwise pop 14th June in the diary NOW!

Call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email [email protected] or simply press book!

The Business Network Event Video highlights