Introduction to Investigative Interviewing for Businesses

The area of business, where human interaction is the key, is often overlooked. Getting it wrong could be costly both financially and/or to your reputation. 

Join us on Thursday 14 July at The Chester Grosvenor Spa & Hotel for this months enlightening seminar being hosted by Mick Confrey of Intersol Globlal, where you will gain an insight into how to get it right first time, and maximise results by using ethical and effective interviewing techniques.

Those all important 121’s – do you feel you skim the surface and never really get to the heart of the persons passion- or know how to help them help you??

HR/Managers – Ever been tasked with conducting workplace investigation meetings but never received any training in how to?

Auditors – Ever been tasked with conducting audit meetings but never received any training in how to? 

Legal Professionals – How do you maximise the amount of information you get from your client in the initial meeting? 

Tried and tested ways to improve your business, by both cutting down on unnecessary follow up meetings and increasing stakeholders’ confidence in you.

About the Presenter

Mick Confrey is the Operations Director of Intersol Global. He has over 30 years of investigation and interviewing experience and delivers training around the world, to improve business performance in these often overlooked areas. He is a consultant trainer for Moody’s Analytics Training and Certification, giving him a wide range of experience training in the international banking sector. Mick is a member of the executive committee of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG) He brings practitioner expertise based on academic research to bring you bespoke workplace interview training solutions. Intersol Global are a Skillsfirst Awards recognised centre, the only centre delivering training which awards a nationally recognised qualification in investigative interviewing.


Why does the private sector need investigative interviewing?

What are the business benefits of investigative interviewing in private sector?

Benefits of gaining detailed and accurate information from interviewees and stakeholders.

An introduction to Investigative Interviewing

Conversation Management 

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