How to use LinkedIn to achieve specific business objectives! Love your business? Then love Linkedin!

Many business professionals have created LinkedIn accounts, but are you really sure what to do with them and why! If not then this months seminar being hosted by Andy Wooles of WSI on Thursday 14th February at The Chester Grosvenor Spa & Hotel is not to be missed !!

You only gain the real business benefits from The Business Network when you engage with fellow members and become active, rather than just pay the fee and eat the lunch. And LinkedIn is no different – actions deliver results, not membership.


This seminar will focus on what actions members can take with LinkedIn to benefit their businesses directly.

We will look at how to use LinkedIn for lead generation, for marketing, for reputation management, for professional networking, for recruitment etc …….

You will gain a deeper understanding of how this valuable business tool can used to directly deliver specific business objectives!

About the Presenter 

Andy Wooles has run a successful internet consultancy for over 6 years, helping a diverse range of clients across the region to harness the power of the internet to drive their businesses forward.

WSI is a global digital marketing consultancy, with over 1000 consultants operating in over 80 countries focusing on the needs of small and medium businesses.

To benefit from this enlightening seminar, please attend The Business Network Lunch on  Thursday 14th February at The Chester Grosvenor Spa & Hotel.

To book please click here or contact Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email

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