Climb On Board the Cloud! The Computing Revolution for Small Businesses (in Plain English!)

Do you need the cloud lifting on the brave new world of cloud computing? If so, please  join us on Thursday 17th May at The Chester Grosvenor Spa & Hotel for this months seminar being hosted by  Philip Moss from NTTX Select Ltd.

About the Presenter

Philip Moss is a leading figure in the IT industry, possessing a powerful combination of outstanding technical acumen and unique business understanding.

Philip has a background in distributed computing and system automation (large, multi-location solutions and creating systems that setup / manage themselves without human interaction) and was a very early adopter of the online world and connected communities, pre the world wide web.   This allowed him to see how connected systems provided huge potential to greatly enhance business productivity.

For the last 12 years he has been at the cutting edge of the service provider industry, the forerunner of cloud computing.  In that time he has driven innovation and service development to the market, bringing his blend of deep technical understanding about what technology can achieve, coupled with an insight into what users actually want and need.

As one of a select group of people with direct access to high level Microsoft product teams, he is privileged to work with Microsoft to not only develop but guide future versions of Windows and related Microsoft products.

Philip is a great speaker and raconteur who is at the leading-edge of Cloud computing, not only in the UK but in the World. At this months seminar, he will give you an introduction to the brave new world of  Cloud computing and tell you how, as a small business Owner or Manager you can become significantly more effective and efficient  by moving to cloud-based IT systems whilst at the same time slashing your spend on IT products and services. He will also help to dispel some of the common myths that you may have heard and answer any questions you may have around moving to hosted IT service provision.


Philip will host 2 sessions which will be fully interactive – there will be plenty of time to ask questions.

Session 1:  “Parkinson-style” Q&A!

Philip will answer a range of frequently asked questions which such as:

What is cloud computing?; Where is my data held?; How secure is the cloud? What happens if my organisation expands or contracts? How does the pricing model work? Will working from the cloud save my business money? I have a poor internet connection, how does that affect the service? and many more……

The objective of the session is to ensure that you have a full understanding of what the cloud is, how to take advantage of this new technology, and realise the benefits for your business.

Session 2:  The Virtual desktop; the Cloud In practice

Philip will demonstrate the NTTX Select IT platform : The power and flexibility of the personal computer, with high performance graphics, audio and video conference capabilities, accessible from any location on any device – even on your old, almost clapped-out kit!!

Take a sneak peak at the next version of Windows and Windows server, from a team with direct access to the core Microsoft teams who write it !


To benefit from this seminar please attend The Business Network Lunch on  Thursday 17th May at The Chester Grosvenor Spa & Hotel.

To book please click here or contact Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email

[email protected]

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