Discover Why Looking In The MIRROR Is The Fastest Way To Achieve The Success You Deserve!

Please join us at The Park Royal Hotel on Thursday 8th August for our wonderful event and seminar; where for this month we will bring together members and visitors from both our Chester and Warrington Groups !

Whether you’re looking to grow your business or further your career, there are six key mistakes that 67% of people make when it comes to promotion, marketing and branding – and in this fun, interactive and highly thought provoking seminar,  you’ll not only learn how to avoid the same traps but you’ll also find out how to create your own programme for personal and business success.

Many of us are so busy, that we rarely have time for reflection – and yet it’s when we take a different perspective (and maybe even look differently at the people around us who can help us grow our businesses) that we’re really able to make the magic happen.

In their first collaboration together, Olivia Stefanino of Be Your Own Guru and Julie Webb of Azzure Marketing will be using the seminar to unveil their new “MIRROR” Process – which guarantees to get you seeing things differently when it comes to your business, your brand…and most importantly, how other people perceive you! You’ll leave the seminar armed with the knowledge and the tools you need to take you forward, to where you deserve to be!

Meet the Presenters:

OLIVIA STEFANINO works with both large organisations and smaller companies – helping them to improve profits and reduce stress.  In her book, “Be Your Own Guru – personal and business enlightenment in just 3 days!”she shares the story of a pilot project with a high street bank in which her innovative approach helped the organisation’s sales team to improve their profits by a massive 330% (and absenteeism went down)!  Local companies working with Olivia in her capacity as an “unorthodox, unofficial non-exec director” have also seen dramatic results too – for example, a restaurant owner was amazed to find profits had quadrupled in less than six months.

JULIE WEBB brings “fresh thinking” to business development and strategic marketing – providing essential support and guidance to businesses who want to grow, prosper and be here for the long-term.

Having worked in and alongside a range of industry sectors from plastic moulding to aviation and retail to payment solutions and data capture, Julie helps her clients in two ways. Firstly, she reviews and evaluates their current position – together with their aspirations – both internally and externally. She then creates practical and phased initiatives to enhance her clients’ positioning, profile and brand to increase their market share, awareness and sustainability.


To benefit from this enlightening seminar please attend The Business Network Lunch on  Thursday 8th August at The Park Royal Hotel.

To book please click here or contact Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email

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