Clarity7 creating strong managers for your business….

Clarity7 creating strong managers for your business….

An inadequate manager can unconsciously sabotage the effort of your team and your business – after all, people don’t leave a job, they leave a poor manager.  So how do you avoid this happening?   Easy – invest in the training to help your managers build and develop their skills to become truly exceptional leaders.

The most effective management training must be positive, beneficial and strategically important and should be considered an investment, not a cost.   It’s all about minimising risk in your business and enhancing, not diminishing, your reputation as an employer of choice in an increasingly competitive world. Every manager should, and needs to, acquire a set of core skills which allows for continuous improvement as their experience as a manager grows.    Our soon to be accredited, innovative programme of professional management development masterclasses is delivered by qualified, experienced experts in business and HR management, and will fast track the learning process.

Our masterclasses examines…

  •  Defining the role and skills of an effective manager
  •  Setting the HR strategy for successful people management
  •  Building high performance in your team
  •  Performance management
  •  Effective disciplinary and grievance management
  •  Successful recruiting techniques
  •  Developing a coaching style

Our next programme starts on 9th October one masterclass per month for 7 months will result in your new manager developing the skills and techniques needed to be a brilliant leader.


£1,365 + VAT  £1,160 + VAT for the whole course for Business Network Members

10/10, Very informative and engaging.  Personal and small workshop, so very reflective of my usual working environment.

Matthew Fenn


Talent Resourcer & Clarity HR Guru

Direct Line 01244 515547