7 Top Tips for Online Business Networking

Presented by Andy Wooles of WSI Internet Marketing, 17/8/10

“Conversations among the members of your marketplace happen whether you like it or not.

Good marketing encourages the right sort of conversations“…..Seth Godin.

The key to successful participation in any social media marketing is to do so genuinely, to value relationships and not to take goodwill for granted. So, what are some of the best social media marketing techniques that can work for your business ?

Here is a short list of seven top tips on using Social Media to promote your business.

1. Be There – Take Part

With over 400 million Facebook users and 1.5 million businesses with Facebook  Pages, your clients and prospects are already there!

Invest time in understanding how social media is being used in your marketplace by prospects, clients and competitors.

2. Look Good

First impressions count online.

Customise profiles etc to reflect corporate branding and useful professional profile images.

3. Give to Gain

The mantra of good business networking.

Contribute to Groups, answer questions, share knowledge. Will raise your credibility and visibility.

Give value, quality before quantity.

4. Give Value

Don’t flood your network with information

They prefer quality to quantity

5. Build Quality Relationships

Build an online network you can rely upon – nurture contacts.

Don’t agree to every anonymous connection request.

Quality, not quantity.

6. Listen

Two eyes, one keyboard!

What are people saying about your brand, company, market? Then start a conversation.

7. Be Nice

Be helpful, positive, professional.

Be accountable.

Never forget, you are representing your business and yourself.

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