February seminar – How to give and get the most from membership

Come and join us to bolster your value from your membership.

We are here to help you – so come and find out How to get the most from your membership.
This will be an interactive seminar where you will learn from Tracy the Host and active members

  • The benefit of focus-who you want to meet, and be seated with
  • How to help others – and benefits
  • How to be visible and remembered- and build your personal and Business Brand
  • How to share – good news, questions, information
  • How to learn, and develop your business

Know who you want to meet? Come tell us and leverage the network!

Our seminar in January is one with a twist!

Black books at the ready – we are in for a Connection Power Hour!

To attend you need to submit to us your top 3 “like to meets” – other prep work will be issued before the seminar – and if you don’t do it – it wont work!

We will then using the power of the people in the room, our black books and Linked in – to create a plan to attract them to our group over the next coming months.

So – ready to be strategic? Ready to be focussed? Ready to help?

Join us – 10am – Jan 19th at Craxton Wood to make it happen!


To Float or to Franchise – that is the question!

This seminar will shine a light on an area of business that some might, in time, aspire to- that of floating their business on to the Stock Market or Franchising for growth and some of the benefits and challenges of Franchising as a vehicle for expansion.

We will uncover the strategies behind preparing a business for a ‘float’ – and the unexpected challenges that can occur.

We will share top line tips on the whole franchising area – it`s very high profile at the moment, but many operations get into it too quickly and don`t really understand where the bear-pits are.

Everyone will be better armed to properly research as to how Franchising might help their business expand.

About the presenter:

Formerly a senior Executive in the Food and Drink Industries with Director positions in the likes of One Stop (Part of Tesco PLC), J Sainsbury (Convenience Division) and Conviviality (formerly Bargain Booze).

In 2014 Keith set up Aiden Associates which provides a link between a number of service companies to the retail trade. These companies cover areas such as Business Consultancy, Site Finding, Store Design and layout, and HR.


To tonic or not to tonic?

So – Octobers seminar is a fizz tastic treat!

Peter from Wine Mad will share his knowledge on the classic Gin and Tonic!

Enjoying a renaissance with drinkers, Gin is flying off the shelves – but whats a Gin without a Tonic?

Given we meet at 10,30 – Peter will take us on a sensory adventure mainly focussed on blending the right Tonic – for our favourite Gin.

He will explain the complex flavours and spices used in each and how to create the perfect mix for your pallette.

To book please call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email tracy@business-network.co.uk or simply press book up there!


Welcome to “Appy” Hour – a seminar with a difference!

It’s ‘Appy Hour’ with Rob and Jon from Appitized !

We won’t be serving discounted liquor but we will aim to inform, educate, advise and offer some great top tips about apps in business.

We all have smart phones and we all use apps so if you haven’t asked yourself or your business yet about whether or not an app is appropriate or a great new tool then this is the event to attend.

We will cover:

– The history of apps, the App Store and Google Play.

– The overnight app successes that we wonder what we did without but why and how did they do it?

What an app actually is, what types of business apps are there and how are they used, how an app can add value, increase sales, streamline processes and save your business money.

– Show you examples of our work, other app successes, proximity marketing, push notifications, iBeacons and more!

– Give you a reality check on whether or not an app is right for your business. What, How, Why and How Much?

– Membership Give Away – Free 2 hour app consultation on an app for your business with our creative and analyst team (worth £1,500).


That’s ‘Appy Hour’ with Rob and Jon from Appitized. Award winning app development.


To book press the green button above, or call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email Tracy@business-network.co.uk


Augusts Seminar – Attracting Talent in a Digital World

With 90% of job seekers looking online, join us on Thursday 11th August at The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel and uncover the most cost-effective methods of how to attract the best talent to your business, in this ever evolving technology focused recruitment landscape.

About the Presenter

 JVP, the recruitment advertising experts, have exceptional service at the forefront with success attributed to strong market knowledge and hard work resulting in a growing enviable client base. With 15 years’ experience accumulated within recruitment, Cath Harrison leads the JVP team from the head office in North Wales, supporting employers across the UK, from SMEs to blue chip organisations, and those clients have been so happy with the JVP service and innovative approach to recruitment, the company has even won awards.


  • Ready for an update on how to attract the best talent in this evolving technology focused recruitment landscape?
  • Does your current selection process cover a variety of assessment methods to avoid poor hires?


Recruiting the right people can add tremendous value to your business, but employing the wrong people can be disastrous. The aim of this engaging and insightful recruitment seminar is to highlight some of the areas where mistakes are made and give you some great ideas on how to ensure you recruit the right people for your business.

Topics include:  

  • Attracting Talent in a Digital World
  • Power of an Employer Brand
  • Assessment Techniques


To book your place call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 – or email tracy@business-network.co.uk or simply press book up there!

Introduction to Investigative Interviewing for Businesses

The area of business, where human interaction is the key, is often overlooked. Getting it wrong could be costly both financially and/or to your reputation. 

Join us on Thursday 14 July at The Chester Grosvenor Spa & Hotel for this months enlightening seminar being hosted by Mick Confrey of Intersol Globlal, where you will gain an insight into how to get it right first time, and maximise results by using ethical and effective interviewing techniques.

Those all important 121’s – do you feel you skim the surface and never really get to the heart of the persons passion- or know how to help them help you??

HR/Managers – Ever been tasked with conducting workplace investigation meetings but never received any training in how to?

Auditors – Ever been tasked with conducting audit meetings but never received any training in how to? 

Legal Professionals – How do you maximise the amount of information you get from your client in the initial meeting? 

Tried and tested ways to improve your business, by both cutting down on unnecessary follow up meetings and increasing stakeholders’ confidence in you.

About the Presenter

Mick Confrey is the Operations Director of Intersol Global. He has over 30 years of investigation and interviewing experience and delivers training around the world, to improve business performance in these often overlooked areas. He is a consultant trainer for Moody’s Analytics Training and Certification, giving him a wide range of experience training in the international banking sector. Mick is a member of the executive committee of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG) He brings practitioner expertise based on academic research to bring you bespoke workplace interview training solutions. Intersol Global are a Skillsfirst Awards recognised centre, the only centre delivering training which awards a nationally recognised qualification in investigative interviewing.


Why does the private sector need investigative interviewing?

What are the business benefits of investigative interviewing in private sector?

Benefits of gaining detailed and accurate information from interviewees and stakeholders.

An introduction to Investigative Interviewing

Conversation Management 

To book your place call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 – or email tracy@business-network.co.uk or simply press book up there!

SharePoint 365 – The Future is Collaboration without the Hassel

Join us on Thursday 16th June at the Chester Grosvenor Hotel for this months enlightening seminar being hosted by Philippa Watts of Keycom

For anyone who wants the ability to work from any location, always have access to information on any device, share information with colleagues, then this seminar is one not to be missed.  The seminar will walk you through what SharePoint is, what it can do and how any size of business can make use of this collaboration tool.  If you haven’t thought about collaboration or have dismissed it as not suitable for your business then this seminar will challenge that thought process and help answer any concerns or queries you may have.

About the Presenter

Philippa Watts has been working within the IT Training profession for over 20 years and has gained a vast knowledge of how computer packages can answer many business pains.  She brings realism into the training room and understands that there is not one solution that fits all business or situations.  In recent years she has been supporting Shell Global Solutions and Viridor Environmental Services with their SharePoint sites and has successfully launched SharePoint internally at The UKB Group which has offices around the UK and links around the world.


The seminar will include the following topics:

  • What is SharePoint?
  • What do you need to consider?
  • How could SharePoint look for your business?
  • How to use the web apps within the software (libraries, tasks, calendars)
  • Sharing Information
  • Workspaces

To book your place call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 – or email tracy@business-network.co.uk or simply press book up there!


The rise of the drones and how it affects your business

Join us at The DoubleTree Hilton Hotel on Thursday 19th May for this months enlightening seminar being hosted by Nick Edwards of Yonda

About the Presenter

Started my career studying electronic engineering with British Aerospace, and screwing avionics into executive jets….moved over to IBM mainframes and after a 12 year stint ended up in Bristol, where I couldn’t quite handle people talking like Jethro who built concord, so I moved back up North.

Worked another  10 years running mainframes for Royal Liver Assurance in Liverpool and left to join QVC, a $9b tv/retail global company, in 2004 as head of technology.

I formed Yonda officially in 2014.


In the 1980’s people ignored little personal computers – they were the playthings of hobbyists and not relevant to business ! 

A bunch of “nerds” at the fringe of society were tinkering with these things – very easy to dismiss at the time.

The machines were so primitive that there was no obvious use for them except maybe playing games. 

The thing is, these guys had names like Gates, Wozniak and Jobs !


Drones today are equivalent to personal computers in the 1980’s, they have the same potential to become ubiquitous in applications not yet thought of……….  still think they’re not relevant to your business?

Come and find out how you can be at the forefront of this technology and the opportunities it presents!

To book your place call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 – or email tracy@business-network.co.uk or simply press book up there!

Tax planning for 2016

Join us and Morris & Co on Thursday 21st April at The Chester Grosvenor Hotel for this months seminar; where you will gain an insightful overview of tax planning opportunities available to individuals and owner managed businesses including planning for the new dividend tax changes, incorporation/disincorporation and employment tax issues.  

About the Presenters

Desirie Lea 

Desirie is a Director of Morris & Co and a fellow Chartered Accountant with a number of years post qualified experience in general practice dealing mostly with small/medium sized businesses and start-ups. She is a member of the Taxation and Audit Faculties of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales as well as its Healthcare Group. She is also a Panel Member of the Liverpool district society of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Her client portfolio and expertise is focused on healthcare professions including opticians and medical consultants. She is also the head of Morris & Co Franchising Team.       

Michelle Anthony

Michelle is a Manager at Morris & Co and oversees a portfolio of owner managed businesses specialising in the catering and hospitality industry. Michelle is a Chartered Certified Accountant and has been working in accountancy in the Cheshire region for 14 years. Michelle’s attitude towards customer service and her belief in providing sound professional advice has gained her the trusts of many loyal clients. Michelle is best known for her jargon free and no nonsense approach in helping clients to achieve their business potentials. 


2016 tax planning ideas for individuals and companies using a couple of tax cases to illustrate the importance of planning ahead.  

To book your place call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 – or email tracy@business-network.co.uk or simply press book up there!