The Art & Science of Effective Presentations

Brief Synopsis 

We often confuse perception with reality. The way our communications look (design) can have a significant influence, especially during a first interaction. Understand how to make your presentations work exceptionally hard for you to communicate effectively with your audience.

What will you learn?

The science of how your audience process and remember information during a presentation, hence how to make them more effective.

Don’t think pretty visuals, think effective communications.  

About the Presenter 

Specialising in presentational impact, Richard works with leaders and stakeholders to help them optimise their content, messaging and personal brand. For over a decade, Richard was a partner for one of the world’s leading presentation development and coaching companies. Prior to founding Ultimate Presentation, Film & Animation, he was a board member for the UKs largest privately owned temporary recruitment company and a member of the Senior Leadership team, with overall commercial responsibility for new and existing clients, as well as the marketing strategy and execution.

Join us on Thursday 10th August at The DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel for this months seminar… book via the green button at the top !

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The Connection Power Hour returns!

The Connection Power Hour returns!

Following our successful seminar in January where our members shared their “Like to meets” and connected to act as the perfect introducer – its back!

Black books at the ready – we are in for a Connection Power Hour!

To attend you need to submit to us your top 3 “like to meets” – If you don’t do this thinking ahead –  it just won’t work!

We will then be using the power of the people in the room, our black books and Linked in – to create a plan to attract them to our group over the next coming months.

So – ready to be strategic ? Ready to be focussed ? Ready to help ?

Join us – and please BOOK EARLY!


Recruit vs outsourcing – the facts?

We are delighted that our seminar for our June event will be co hosted by Maja Kenney of The Admin Office and Phil Ross of Sollertia.

Maja and Phil are experts at helping business owners flourish and grow.


They do the jobs you hate – admin and the numbers!

So come along and learn how to;

  • Benchmark your numbers against industry standards – and learn how to improve them
  • Reduce your costs – efficiency savings, time savings, people costs
  • Learn time saving tips and apps available to use now to make you more efficient
  • Understand the upsides to outsourcing vs employing staff for those necessary “jobs” that you maybe hate!

So – lots to learn from our co hosts.

To join us then call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email or simply press book now up there!

Where there are people – there needs to be a process!

It is increasingly critical that your Business gains the most from your people.

BUT all positive and award winning employers know they need to give their people the right skills, and boundaries to do their job.

This seminar will help you relook at your people processes and ensure that you understand:

When it comes to people and HR management;

  • What good compliance looks like?
  • A way to identify weaknesses in your HR processes
  • Understand the difference between compliance and best practice.

So – come along and audit and sense check your HR processes – before its too late!

Confused by your accounts? How will the Budget affect you? Then we have the answers!

Budget 2017 year on wood cube with pencil and clock top view on wood table,New year business concept.


Join us for this seminar with a twist!

This is the Budget 2017 Accountancy surgery.

Michelle Anthony from Morris and Co is here to answer your questions to do with the latest budget.
She invites you to email your questions and concerns before hand – on the budget and any other related accountancy issues.

Michelle will run this session to answer those questions -on the budget and on your Accounts – that you are probably too scared to ask your accountant!

So come for a perfectly tailored session – here to answer your questions – whatever they are.

And don’t worry – all questions will be treated in the strictest of confidence!

New Year .. New start … I want to grow, but how ?

Andy Lewis of Voyage will share some secrets about building a strategic growth plan bringing the best of theory and practice together.

In this seminar you will learn

1 What is an effective strategy

2 How does strategic positioning support your growth aspirations

3 Growing what you have / Acquiring new customers / Retaining what you have  – Which tactics to use ?

4 Measuring success – What are the right measures to predict success


About the Presenter


Andy has established his new business targeted specifically at UK SME’s who want to grow their business. He can help to identify how best to do this from a sales channel perspective.

As head of a new venture, Voyage, with over 26 years in the corporate financial services, with his last role as marketing leader, Andy is sharing this expertise to the benefit of local businesses and Students at The University of Chester where he is a Visiting Lecturer supporting the marketing department.




February seminar – How to give and get the most from membership

Come and join us to bolster your value from your membership.

We are here to help you – so come and find out How to get the most from your membership.
This will be an interactive seminar where you will learn from Tracy the Host and active members

  • The benefit of focus-who you want to meet, and be seated with
  • How to help others – and benefits
  • How to be visible and remembered- and build your personal and Business Brand
  • How to share – good news, questions, information
  • How to learn, and develop your business

Know who you want to meet? Come tell us and leverage the network!

Our seminar in January is one with a twist!

Black books at the ready – we are in for a Connection Power Hour!

To attend you need to submit to us your top 3 “like to meets” – other prep work will be issued before the seminar – and if you don’t do it – it wont work!

We will then using the power of the people in the room, our black books and Linked in – to create a plan to attract them to our group over the next coming months.

So – ready to be strategic? Ready to be focussed? Ready to help?

Join us – 10am – Jan 19th at Craxton Wood to make it happen!


To Float or to Franchise – that is the question!

This seminar will shine a light on an area of business that some might, in time, aspire to- that of floating their business on to the Stock Market or Franchising for growth and some of the benefits and challenges of Franchising as a vehicle for expansion.

We will uncover the strategies behind preparing a business for a ‘float’ – and the unexpected challenges that can occur.

We will share top line tips on the whole franchising area – it`s very high profile at the moment, but many operations get into it too quickly and don`t really understand where the bear-pits are.

Everyone will be better armed to properly research as to how Franchising might help their business expand.

About the presenter:

Formerly a senior Executive in the Food and Drink Industries with Director positions in the likes of One Stop (Part of Tesco PLC), J Sainsbury (Convenience Division) and Conviviality (formerly Bargain Booze).

In 2014 Keith set up Aiden Associates which provides a link between a number of service companies to the retail trade. These companies cover areas such as Business Consultancy, Site Finding, Store Design and layout, and HR.


To tonic or not to tonic?

So – Octobers seminar is a fizz tastic treat!

Peter from Wine Mad will share his knowledge on the classic Gin and Tonic!

Enjoying a renaissance with drinkers, Gin is flying off the shelves – but whats a Gin without a Tonic?

Given we meet at 10,30 – Peter will take us on a sensory adventure mainly focussed on blending the right Tonic – for our favourite Gin.

He will explain the complex flavours and spices used in each and how to create the perfect mix for your pallette.

To book please call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email or simply press book up there!