It was a cracker!

With the trace of Bonfire night still in the air – we have just set off another load of fire crackers!

With over 90 Businesses joining us, at  our November 9th event – it was full of whizz, bangs and pops of connections, referrals and as always great energy and a passion for building super charged relationships!

So – need to put a bang into your networking? Come and join us next time on Thursday 7th December at The Chester Grosvenor!  

Call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email or simply press book!

That’s a GDPR wrap!

WOW! Over 30 businesses in attendance for our informative and problem solving seminar lead by Pro Networks- engineers at the ready solving our head scratching IT woes!

Then as always a perfect blend of open networking, followed by strategic, thoughtful table networking – no competitors, lots of opportunities and listening, helping, sharing – that’s what makes us Chester and Cheshire’s BEST network!

Don’t believe us? Then come test us yourself! We next meet on Thursday 9th November at The Double Tree by Hilton where, at our seminar  we will be revamping our Marking plans with Ceri George of by George Marketing – one NOT to be Missed!

Great event this week! Get GDPR ready!!

Over 90 already booked for our event this week at The Chester Grosvenor Hotel.

Kicking us off – a special seminar sharing the need to know basics to be compliant for GDPR and engineers from pro Networks on hand to answer your IT woes!

Then – the perfect blend of open networking with strategic table planned tables – so – quick – not yet booked – to get the best table of connections for you – BOOK NOW!

September is a wrap!

We were “phototastic” this month for our event. The talented Victoria Lee helped seminar attendees learn how to get the most from their camera for those all important social media and Blog shots!

Following on as usual we welcomes around 90 businesses who came to listen, learn, collaborate and help each other. The sound levels were through the roof!

So many testimonials and thanks around the room – all genuine, all positive, all driving our Businesses to expansion, creativity and growth.

So – come on – you keep missing it! We meet in October on the 12th, where we will benefit from an IT update to get us secure, resilient and ready for the next year ahead – so if you want an It health check – join us!


Cal Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email or simply press BOOK!

Clarity7 creating strong managers for your business….

Clarity7 creating strong managers for your business….

An inadequate manager can unconsciously sabotage the effort of your team and your business – after all, people don’t leave a job, they leave a poor manager.  So how do you avoid this happening?   Easy – invest in the training to help your managers build and develop their skills to become truly exceptional leaders.

The most effective management training must be positive, beneficial and strategically important and should be considered an investment, not a cost.   It’s all about minimising risk in your business and enhancing, not diminishing, your reputation as an employer of choice in an increasingly competitive world. Every manager should, and needs to, acquire a set of core skills which allows for continuous improvement as their experience as a manager grows.    Our soon to be accredited, innovative programme of professional management development masterclasses is delivered by qualified, experienced experts in business and HR management, and will fast track the learning process.

Our masterclasses examines…

  •  Defining the role and skills of an effective manager
  •  Setting the HR strategy for successful people management
  •  Building high performance in your team
  •  Performance management
  •  Effective disciplinary and grievance management
  •  Successful recruiting techniques
  •  Developing a coaching style

Our next programme starts on 9th October one masterclass per month for 7 months will result in your new manager developing the skills and techniques needed to be a brilliant leader.


£1,365 + VAT  £1,160 + VAT for the whole course for Business Network Members

10/10, Very informative and engaging.  Personal and small workshop, so very reflective of my usual working environment.

Matthew Fenn


Talent Resourcer & Clarity HR Guru

Direct Line 01244 515547



September set to be stupendous!

Summer has gone – (did it ever arrive?) – schools are back – and so are we!

Yep – Next Wednesday 13th sees the September event, returning to the Splendid Chester Grosvenor – and what better way to kick us off than a jam packed seminar – helping you learn how to get the most from your camera – lead by photographer  Victoria Lee of The Moment.

So – not yet booked? Come and join the 80 other Businesses and see what you have been missing!

Call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email or simply press book!

How to Wow the Crowd!

We are the mean learning networking machine!

Fantastic and eye opening seminar from the Team at Ultimate helped our attendees learn the science and theory behind presenting with massive impact.

Then as always our perfect blend of informal networking over drinks before we headed to our perfectly planned tables.

The connections were aplenty – members that do their homework and are demanding of us to get them in front of the right people REALLY benefit from our active behind the scenes work.

So – tired of random meetings where everyone wants to sell at you? Want to network strategically, with honesty, integrity and a desire to help is the primary focus? AND have FUN!

Then we are the network for you!

We are away now until Sept with our families – but the office can get messages to us – so EITHER call 0844 310 1400, or email or simply press book!

Connection Power Day Goes with a BANG!


What an amazing event today – soooooooo many fabulous connections and opportunities made – sooooooo many people wanting to genuinely help others – and soooooo many network converts to the Business network way!

Image result for 6 degrees of separation


We don’t sell or spam – we help, learn and listen.

We don’t embarrass or pressurise  – we nurture, encourage and uplift.

We do network – based on Know, Like Trust – and celebrate our successes and give Thanks!

So – want to network with purpose? With passion? With people who get you?

Then join us for our August 10th event at The Double Tree – and also learn how to create a Killer pitch to win those tenders – keeping the Customer at the heart of what you do!

You know what to do – just book!


We are revving up for our connection power day this Thursday!

Image result for turbo charged

Seminar attendees will enjoy a bespoke targeted match making hour where their “like to meets” will test the 6 degrees of separation – followed by networking with an amazing collective of collaborative, creative like minded super charged Businesses from Chester and Cheshire.

So – need a turbo boost to your network? There’s only one place to get it – The Business Network Chester!

Call Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email or simply press book – and book!


Members come together for RHS Tatton

We are delighted to announce that we will be at RHS Tatton on July 19th and 20th as we are involved with 2 of the fabulous gardens – one of which being our very own Jane Bingham of The Cheshire Garden.

Jane and her lovely team asked us to be involved with their ‘Remember Me’ garden, raising awareness and funds for the Altzeimers and Dementia charities through the making and auctioning off of a beautiful hexagonal shaped bench for the garden that our lovely Dan has made. We hope it raises oodles of cash for this fantastic cause!

We are also involved with the Crohns and Colitis garden for which Simon has made an epically emotive piece – see pics. So, please come along and support RHS Tatton this year and all the fab charities involved.

Liz and Simon O’Rourke 

Simon O’Rourke Tree Carving