BYOD and mobile call recording

BYOD and mobile call recording.


Why give your employee’s mobile phones that are a benefit in kind for the tax man, but also doesn’t get the same care and attention from the employee….and they are probably not the version they know how to use well (i.e. Apple V’s Android) why not enable them to use their own mobile that they take care of, just load the application and our license and the employee makes calls on their device but has a second mobile number that the calls are billed to which is sent to the company. No second sim card, and the service can be taken off their mobile if they leave and put onto the replacements mobile so all the business contact still have their contact details.

BEST of all if they need to record a call then just press the keypad, the call is recorded in a GDPR compliant location and the wav file and a transcription of the call is sent to their email……

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