Successful Companies Employ Successful People

“Successful companies employ successful individuals”… The recession is providing businesses with an opportunity to take stock, investigate what is working…and drop what’s not…

If you would like some helpful hints, tips and techniques to make the journey smoother and quicker, please  join us on Wednesday 27th June at The Chester Grosvenor Spa & Hotel for this months seminar being hosted by Adrian Lomas of Blueleaf and Olivia Stefanino of Be Your Own Guru.

About the Presenters 

Adrian Lomas MD Blueleaf – Adrian’s passion for effective digital marketing is matched only by his passion for great client service. A desire to create an agency that provides both led him to establish Blueleaf in 1999 and continues to underpin everything the agency does. He is totally focused on growing Blueleaf to be the best digital agency in the world, delivering tangible ROI and unrivalled client service in equal amounts.

A natural philanthropist, Adrian also invests significant amounts of time in helping each and every member of the Blueleaf team excel and connecting up the best people in our industry to create some very successful collaborations.





Olivia Stefanino, Author “Be Your Own Guru”- Olivia has worked with both large organisations and smaller companies – helping them to improve profits and reduce stress.  In her book, she shares the story of a pilot project with a high street bank in which her innovative techniques helped a high street bank’s sales team to improve their profits by a massive 330% (and absenteeism went down)!  Local companies working with Olivia have also seen dramatic results too – for example, a Chester-based restaurant owner was amazed to find profits had quadrupled in less than six months.  Described by people who’ve been through her programmes as “a change maker”, “a business intuitive” and “enlightening”, Olivia’s proven system guarantees to help business people reach their full potential.








Using the tools that you’ll have been given beforehand, Olivia will reveal the three secrets that guarantee to make both your business and your people even more successful!

Both Adrian and Olivia are keen to share their “learnings” AND their “mistakes”- and they take the view that if they can make other people’s journey both quicker and easier, then their work is done!

Finally, Adrian will mention how, at Blueleaf, whilst never having worked with Olivia, he has discovered through long experience and trial and error that Olivia’s strategy works and that businesses who want to follow in his footsteps can speed up the process by working with her.

To benefit from this enlightening seminar please attend The Business Network Lunch on  Wednesday 27th June at The Chester Grosvenor Spa & Hotel.

To book please click here or contact Tracy on 0844 310 1400 or email

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