Samba and Clatterbridge Cancer Research

Its just over 3 months now since “that email” popped into the mail box asking if I would train with a Professional dancer and perform at the Clatterbridge Cancer Research “Come dancing” event on 28th October 2011 at The St Georges hall Liverpool.

After meeting Yvonne and Steve Dunn I had to wait to see what my fate would be….. the Jive or the Samba likely!

After an eternity….the call came from my Professional – Linus Backtrom, and the date for our first lesson was set……. to learn the Samba!

We have 12 lessons in total and it became very clear after about 5 minutes that to dance needed a complete rewiring or brain to feet, arms and legs!

At the 3rd lessons the all important topic of costumes was discussed, tried on, and the outfit selected. Man are those things skimpy!

So the diet and toning regime is in full swing along wth many hours of practice alone trying to master the cordinated movement of feet, legs, arms, face, hips, shoulders – retty much everything! So far Octoopus on acid best describes the look – but with the great Yvonne and Linus I think we may tame the beast!

Next update early September – watch this space – and book your tickets through the website or contact for details!

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