October event – Opportunities a plenty!

We welcomed over 70 local Businesses to our October event. The kick us off in fine style, Kate Fox and John Cooper came together to dazzle us with their insights and experience when it comes to branding, photography and image.

As usual our other members and guest enjoyed the opportunity to free network over reception drinks before being seated for lunch.

Nothing was left to chance! The care and attention we take to seat all our members and guests means that they meet new people at every meeting, and there are always opportunities to collaborate, connect and do business… in time!

Know like trust is our philosophy and seeing it in action is always a joy!

We are off to The 5 star Grosvenor Hotel for our November 15th event, where Heather Hobden from Icon Business Solutions will be sharing just 4 of her tips and techniques for improving Business results – accelerating growth and managing your exit profitably!

To book please call Tracy on 0844 310 1400, or email [email protected] or simply go and book directly here.

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