Members collaborate to raise much needed funds!

This is a great story about the power of the Network to do good!

Merril Wolfson from R.G.Stones met Liz Oakes Regional Fundraising Manager for Children Today at the Business Network Chester earlier this year.

Merril then offerred to host a ladies lunch on the Wirral for a few friends to raise much needed funds for the Charity.

The Ethos of the charity is to spend the money in the communities it is raised.

How levely then that Liz received a request from Christine Francis, mother of 2 boys, Gabrielle and Joeph who lived in the village where lunch was being held. Christines 8 year old son Joseph who is autistic and has severe learning difficulties has been supported previously by the charity.

However the last 2 winters have seen Joseph and the family become house bound due to the snow.

Christine linked up with and Innovation centre in South Wales who have custom designed and built 100 specialist sledges for children with needs such as Joseph. A specialist sledge will enable him to go outside with his family in the bad weather ahead.

Christine said “ Joseph loves to be out side with the family and it has been impossible to push his wheel chair these last winters, this will mean that we can go out now as a family. Thank you so much to Merril and her friends who so kindly donated. Your help really has made a difference!”

The ladies had a great networking lunch and Christine amazed us with her tenacity, positivity and drive to secure a happy and productive future for her boys.

Christine promised to send pictures when the snow comes of the sledge in action!









Merril Wolfson and Christine Francis

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