And the Clatterbridge Come Dancing Winners are……

Tracy and Linus doing the Samba!

We shimmy’d and wiggled our way to success on Friday at The St. Georges Hall to lift the Clatterbridge Come Dancing trophy!

We hope to have raised over £30000 for ther Charity on this extraordinary night. Massive thanks go to Laura, Jo and Catherine for putting on such an amazing (and hopefully) annual event!

Of course the win was only made possible by the hard work and great coaching of Yvonne Dunn of Headliners and Dance God Linus Backstrom. Their patience and experience turned this non dancing into a semi naked samba queen – at least for 1 night!

All the other amazing Dancers (A) and their Pro partners (P) left to right
Steve Dunn (P), Gorgeous Zoe Bock (A), Professor Sir Ian Gilmore (A) and his partner Cara Durkin(P), John Heggarty (A) and Siobhaun Dunn (P), Judith Greensmith (A) Chris Tighe (P), Me (A), Linus (Dance God), Liz Collinge (A), Shaun Parr (P), Laura Hulme (P) and Steve Rotheram MP (A).

Enjoy the pictures here… and go to Flickr to see all the amazing dancers too.

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