April event awaits!

The skies are clearing, the sun is on its way – just as we head into our April 19th event!

To kick start our event and ensure we are all tight on our legals, Denis Stevenson from Rawlinson’s will be sharing a tip packed seminar with attendees to ensure they know how to protect their business and personal assets.

Then – the perfect blend of relaxed discussion, over reception drinks, followed by our “Formal” – yet magical table networking. We are the Network that leaves nothing to chance – so we spend 3-4 dyas refining, tweaking and polishing our table plan to ensure our members and guest meet the people they want to meet.

They come to learn, help collaborate and escape the confines of their office or plant and expand their horizons.

So – in need of a different perspective? Need to get out of the rut of life in your own space? Then why not join us?

Cal Tracy on 0844 310 140 or email [email protected] or simply press “BOOK” to head to our safe and secure booking page.